...a trail ride that has been epoch. We're not talking about just the landscape, or the horse your riding. Yes, those things matter, for sure, but we're talkin' 'bout the WAY you ride--with CONFIDENCE, knowing you GOT this!

What does that take? It takes knowing the biomechanics of the horse in a simple, practical, down to earth, and understandable way. How is the horse built to MOVE, and how can you make that work for YOU. 

Every wonder why your horse always run up a hill? Or, why he gets tense and grumpy when he descends a steep bank? Is there a better way to navigate jittery, nervous energy on the trail? We designed this video series to give you answers to the those questions and a whole lot more.

Practical dressage, coupled with the art of riding (riding where there are no walls or fences), makes this series a one of a kind resource for anybody serious about getting out there and making something happen with their horse. Tell your friends! Have a video party and check out the series!...there are many more videos yet to come! Suggestions?


So, if you're ready to get serious about riding with us for a while (we know you love to ride), consider taking some time to watch our video series. And if you're new and just getting hooked on riding, you can't find a better resource than Welcome to the Trail Video Series.

The Best Thing to Come Home to Is...